unimolecular reaction

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mon·o·mo·lec·u·lar re·ac·tion

a reaction involving a single molecule (for example, decomposition, intramolecular rearrangement, intramolecular oxidation or reduction), even if a catalytic agent, such as acid or alkali, is present in large excess, on a molecular basis, or is not rate-determining; such reactions are usually first-order reactions. Compare: molecularity.
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[8] during the study of unimolecular reactions of chloroalkanes by IR laser pyrolysis.
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On the other hand, ultrafast spectroscopy permits real-time observation of the nonadiabatic dynamics of photoinduced unimolecular reactions.
It was also a good experience in other respects -- the resulting theory (RRKM theory of unimolecular reactions) continues to be, some fifty years later, textbook material and the standard theory in its field.
I began graduate school at Stanford on a National Science Foundation fellowship, working with Johnston on unimolecular reactions. After a year I was drafted, and Marty and I spent two years at the Army Chemical Center, where I worked on toxic agents.
Recent theoretical studies in Pritchard's group have been devoted to two aspects of unimolecular reactions: (1).