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I also continued in gas phase kinetics; theory of unimolecular reactions, quantum theory of inelastic scattering, and anharmonic vibrations in polyatomic molecules.
A unimolecular photoinitiator (Irgacure 184), 4% of the total amount of TMPTA and acrylated polyester were incorporated into the formulations.
Others describe principles of unimolecular and bimolecular reactions.
dot] with guanine derivatives in aqueous solution: Formation of two different redox-active OH-adduct radicals and their unimolecular transformation reactions.
According to Langmuir theory of unimolecular adsorption, value of n should be between zero and one.
In addition, there are unimolecular and bimolecular termination reactions where free radicals recombine or disproportionate into neutral or inactive species (Eqs 3 to 5).
Recent theoretical studies in Pritchard's group have been devoted to two aspects of unimolecular reactions: (1).
Part 4 Laser studies of photodissociation, photoionization and unimolecular processes.
First, in the preparation of the aggregates, the copolymers were unimolecular in the toluene before the addition of DMF.
Included in the issue are 14 highly scientific articles on such diverse topics as the drying and cracking of soft latex coatings, novel findings on the utility of colloidal unimolecular polymers, and the use of bio-based technologies such as monomer-grafted sucrose ester resins.
Scorpion primers consist of a stem-loop detection region connected to a primer; the stem-loop region interacts with the extended primer resulting in a unimolecular detection event.