, unilaminate (yū'ni-lam'i-năr, -lam'i-nāt),
Having but one layer or lamina.
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In the PCOS group, the structure of the follicles was normal in the early stages of folliculogenesis (primordial and unilaminar primary follicles; Figure 6).
Expresion inmunohistoquimica del RE-[beta] en foliculo ovarico primario unilaminar (FO), se observa marca inmunoreactiva en celulas de la granulosa (CG-flecha) y celulas perifericas estromales, 400X.
There are 18 (41% of 44) encrusting species, mostly unilaminar. Among the erect species, six (14% of 44) species are rigid branching and one is foliose.
Single-layer primary follicles (Unilaminar) in the experimental groups receiving different amounts of tarragon extract (500, 1000 and 2000mg/kg B.W) is not significantly different than the control group (Figure 2).