Located in a single site or arising from a single source (e.g., series of ectopic cardiac beats).
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(ū″ni-fō′kăl) [ uni- + focal]
Having a single origin, location, or shape.
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Only one tumor present in one eye.
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In general, they appear to be unifocal and unicentric in comparison to the multifocal lesions seen in uVIN.
Out of the 30 cases, multi-focality was observed in 13.3% of the cases and in the remaining 88.7% of cases the lesion was unifocal. No case of bilaterality was recorded.
International aid agencies have also employed this unifocal perspective over the last 30 years on improving the slow-changing government health system rather than triggers for the private health market towards the SDGs.
In cases with a unifocal intrathyroidal microcarcinoma (<1 cm in diameter) and without cervical lymph node involvement, thyroid lobectomy with isthmusectomy was performed.
Its bone lesions can be unifocal of multifocal, initially osteolytic, and posteriorly sclerotic or hyperostotic [2].
OBJECTIONObjections to the use of condoms at the onset of the HIV the epidemic shows how unifocal reasoning can lead to devastation.
Traditionally, it has been divided into three groups: unifocal eosinophilic granuloma, single-system multifocal, and multifocal multisystem disease.
Excision is best utilized for women with unifocal disease, or those who fail or do not tolerate ablative or topical interventions.
Focal therapy has been introduced as an alternative treatment option for patients with unifocal, organ-confined prostate cancer (PCa) (1).The nature of this therapy is selective and lesion-based to preserve genitourinary function.
Hemithyroidectomy is reported to be an adequate treatment for small, unifocal, intrathyroidal carcinomas in patients without a history of radiation therapy on the head and neck, familial thyroid carcinoma, and clinically detected lymph node metastasis (4).