Located in a single site or arising from a single source (e.g., series of ectopic cardiac beats).


(ū″ni-fō′kăl) [ uni- + focal]
Having a single origin, location, or shape.


Only one tumor present in one eye.
Mentioned in: Retinoblastoma
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1,2) Oncocytomas are usually unifocal, but multifocal and bilateral appearances of the oncocytomas and concomitant renal cell carcinoma (RCC) have been reported.
Retinoblastoma may be unifocal or multifocal and unilateral or bilateral.
In the research study "Focal therapy for localised unifocal and multifocal prostate cancer: a prospective development study," 42 patients received focal HIFU therapy delivered to clinically significant cancer lesions using the Sonablate[sup.
Multifocal presentation is far more common than unifocal presentation.
Of the 18 patients included in that series, 12 (67%) did not develop BCR; of the 6 patients in whom BCR did develop, 2 had a preoperative PSA level > 10 ng/mL, 2 had multifocal positive surgical margins, and 2 had unifocal margin involvement.
In the case of unifocal lesions less than 3 cm in size (major diameter) and affecting the serous and external muscular layers of the rectum or sigmoid, resection of the nodule alone may be indicated.
The lesions appear as unilateral, unifocal or multifocal patches of flat pigmentation in the superficial layers of any portion of the conjunctiva (Figure 3).
SLNB is usually only performed in patients with unifocal and early breast cancer.
Morrow added that in patients who have unifocal cancer, MRI can't underestimate the extent of disease but instead overestimates it in a third of the patients.
The onset of sarcoidosis is usually unifocal, with a remission and relapse course.
All had a single unifocal neurologic event less than 90 days earlier along with a brain MRI showing at least two cerebral lesions at least 6 mm in diameter.
We have noted with concern remarks attributed by the media to India's External Affairs Minister on the forthcoming meeting of the Foreign Secretaries in New Delhi that these will be unifocal and that there would be no resumption of Composite Dialogue.