Relating to or occurring in a single family; denoting especially a nervous disease attacking several of the children in the same family in which no hereditary trait is apparent.
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(11) Rousseau (1978:80) appears to have a somewhat similar idea in noting that "The longhouse was strategically important in affording protection against enemy attacks; it has been retained because of its influence on interpersonal relations: it facilitates a higher rate of contacts than would be possible in a village formed by unifamilial residences, and people can visit each other more informally." And then, in an appended footnote (fn.
Is America's future one of unifamilial unilateralism?
Le secteur unifamilial a diminue de 8,5% (41) pendant que le secteur des immeubles a bureaux diminuait de 23%, les centres commerciaux de 14,8% et l'industrie de 22,4% (42).