unhealthy lifestyle

unhealthy lifestyle

Public health A dissipated personal modus operandum, which may be characterized by one or more of the following: substance abuse–eg, alcohol, drug and/or tobacco use, debauchery, sexual promiscuity and/or teenage pregnancy, poor sleep hygiene, domestic violence, and other unhealthy habits

Patient discussion about unhealthy lifestyle

Q. If the lie is our truth & living the truth feels fake & unreal how do we persevere to the needed chang there's the real me, good & underdeveloped. there is the worldly me, challenged as all of us probably are. there is the addict me, afflicted half or more of my life, developed & strong. two out of three are tough odds to deal with...

A. the battle against your own self is harsh and there will be casualties. reality is based on your own definition of the world around you, but it also based on how the world defines you. this is your escape from the inner struggle- define yourself and your actions not by your own faulty judgment but by how the world and it's moral judge you.
good luck.

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Reasearch shows that the best predictors of long-term weight loss is becoming aware of the adverse impact of unhealthy lifestyle.
No good will come from being a couch potato, watching TV the whole day and an unhealthy lifestyle," says Njoki.
The theoretical part is about common cancers, prevention and early detection, and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours and their modification.
The program includes two parts, Theoretical part is Common cancers (Breast cancer, Cervical cancer, Thyroid cancer), Prevention and early detection, and Unhealthy lifestyle behaviours and its modification .
This coupled with unhealthy lifestyle and stress increases the risk of heart diseases.
The researchers also note that good genetics can also be offset by an unhealthy lifestyle.
They found that animal protein intake was linked to an eight percent greater risk for death in people who also had at least one other unhealthy lifestyle risk factor, such as smoking, heavy alcohol intake, being overweight or obese, and physical inactivity.
ISLAMABAD -- A higher intake of proteins from animal sources, like processed and unprocessed red meats, eggs can lead to an increase in mortality rate in people living an unhealthy lifestyle, said a study.
Poverty, high fat diets, smoking, drinking and unhealthy lifestyle all take their toll in pushing pensioners to an early grave.
PEOPLE are reluctant to change their unhealthy lifestyle choices even when they know they could contribute to them getting cancer, new NHS research has found.
The adverse effects of an unhealthy lifestyle are frequently broadcast in the media, which furthers the urgency among consumers seek out healthy products.
The possibility of decent wellpaid work would help many people to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle but gluttonous fat cats have ruined this.