unhappy gut

A term used by some authors who believe that the more widely used ‘irritable bowel’ has lost its specificity
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'unhappy gut'

Functional colitis A term introduced because 'irritable gut' had lost its specificity; 'UG' refers to dysfunctional GI smooth muscle that is not 'in the mood' to function properly, while 'irritable gut' refers to colonic changes attributed to unidentified intraluminal irritants. See Inflammatory bowel disease, Irritable bowel syndrome.
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The gut is also where 80% of the feel-good hormone serotonin is produced - so an unhappy gut may well equal an unhappy mind.
An unhappy gut: | The official term is gut dysbiosis - the gut may be over-populated by bad bacteria so nutrient absorption is affected, leading to leaky gut syndrome, allergies or breakouts.
An unhappy gut: Gut dysbiosis - when the gut is over-populated by bad bacteria, affecting nutrient absorption - leads to leaky gut syndrome, allergies and breakouts.