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ungulates, ungulata

animals with hooves; cattle, sheep, goat, pig, horse and many wild and other domesticated species.
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The government approved the project on June 19, 2017, and provides two months hunting periods for ungulate wild animals such as mountain sheep, mountain ibex, roe deer and wild boar (January and February).
Like other temperate region ungulates, blue sheep are active during the daytime and rest at night (Sayre and Seabloom, 1994), they devote a lot of time to feeding (Liu et al.
In fact, one cougar went 75 days without killing an ungulate, apparently surviving on small birds, mammals, or carrion.
The group-living jackal successfully preys on medium- and larger-sized wild and domestic ungulates, especially fawns and calves (Demeter & Spassov 1993, Yom-Tov et al.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Constantinos Nicolaides, the Interior Ministry Permanent Secretary, said that participation showed the increased interest that exists in the protection of mountain ungulates, "from the European Alps to the Himalayas, in Canada`s Rocky Mountains, the vast Siberia, as well in the Troodos mountains" in Cyprus.
Reasons for the low rate of pellet-group disappearance in this habitat may be a result of a lack of understory vegetation to conceal pellets and relatively low use of these habitats by ungulates and other wildlife that might otherwise trample, break apart or scatter pellets.
Can ungulates foraging in a multiple-use landscape alter forest nitrogen budgets?
ABSTRACT: Browse use surveys such as the twig-length method typically used to assess browsing by ungulates are time-consuming and costly.
Research on interactions between Agassiz's desert tortoises (Gopherus agassizii) and ungulates has focused exclusively on the effects of livestock grazing on tortoises and their habitat (Oldemeyer, 1994).
Understanding whether wolves on the Yukon Flats benefit numerically from use of a seasonal, non-ungulate food would be valuable, as use of alternative prey may inflate wolf densities and the impact of predation on ungulates (Adams et al.
Large numbers of ungulates are present in west Rajaji, but the choked corridor is proving to be a major hurdle in free movement of the tigers.
The Karakoram Hindu Kush and Himalayan mountain areas of Pakistan (Gilgit-Baltistan) are known to have significant populations of globally important wildlife species ungulates being prominent of these which have never been studied systematically before.