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ungulates, ungulata

animals with hooves; cattle, sheep, goat, pig, horse and many wild and other domesticated species.
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These are just a few of the many ways GMO crops sprayed with Roundup can affect white-tailed deer and other wild ungulate populations.
Range contractions in North American carnivores and ungulates.
ricinus ticks and engorged ticks collected from humans, dogs, wild ungulates, rodents, sheep, and birds.
Specifically, bubble windows reduced parallax and vastly improved the ability to sight ungulates under closed coniferous canopies.
Both the abundance of wild ungulates and their migratory nature are keys
Native and nonnative species of wild ungulates figure prominently among the likely causes for the apparent reinvasion of the United States by cattle fever ticks," says Pound.
In addition, predatoon by large carnivores can regulate prey populations and this can lead to a reduction in agricultural and forestry damage caused by ungulates.
These opposing theories have led to some confusion regarding the mechanism underlying variation in secondary sex ratios of ungulates.
Thinning populations of ungulates has allowed limited mamane regeneration to occur, but palila will not benefit until saplings have grown to the larger-sized trees that they prefer, which requires at least 30 years.
Rich, who has been working at the zoo for 11 years, looks after ungulates - animals with hoofs that walk on their toes like giraffes, horses, zebras.
Although the Park Service had acquired more than 7,500 acres of land decades ago, extending Yellowstone's northern boundary and increasing winter range for ungulates, rainfall there averages less than ten inches a year, and the land remains beaten down by the residual effects of irrigated farming and grazing.