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Plural of unguis.


(ung'gwis) plural.ungues [L., nail]
1. A fingernail or toenail. Synonym: onyx
2. The lacrimal bone.
3. A white prominence on the floor of the posterior horn of the lateral ventricle. Synonym: hippocampus minor

unguis incarnatus

An ingrowing nail, esp. a toenail.
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Mingere est purgari, incidere ungues etiam est abmovere abs te superflua et vilia.
Ungues without inner teeth but a big dorsal tooth % the length of ungues (Fig.
5, electro scanning microphotographs of tenaculum; 6, apex of tibiotarsus III with ungues and unguiculus; and 7, foot complex showing bent apical filament of the unguiculus.
4 (n = 13); tarsi with longer, more slender ungues (Fig.