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Plural of unguis.
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(ung'gwis) plural.ungues [L., nail]
1. A fingernail or toenail. Synonym: onyx
2. The lacrimal bone.
3. A white prominence on the floor of the posterior horn of the lateral ventricle. Synonym: hippocampus minor

unguis incarnatus

An ingrowing nail, esp. a toenail.
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Iuxta sacrificium ne incidas ungues. Mingere est purgari, incidere ungues etiam est abmovere abs te superflua et vilia.
Legs very short, setation from coxa to tibiotarsus, from leg I to III respetively: 3,5,12,18; 6,5,12,18; 6,5,12,17; no setae M on tibiotarsus; no tenent hairs, ungues without teeth.
Ungues without inner teeth but a big dorsal tooth % the length of ungues (Fig.
5, electro scanning microphotographs of tenaculum; 6, apex of tibiotarsus III with ungues and unguiculus; and 7, foot complex showing bent apical filament of the unguiculus.
6); (4) legs longer, more slender: leg III patella L/D 3.8.-4.4 (n = 13); tarsi with longer, more slender ungues (Fig.
The longer legs and ungues would enhance traction on soft sand, and also increase the baseline for Rayleigh wave triangulation of prey (Brownell 1977).
All ungues with tunica, all unguiculi with apical filament exceeding unguis tip, corner tooth absent (Figs.
Legs: femur and patella with finely granulate tegument, and poorly developed carinae on ventral surface; telotarsal ungues approximately of same size on all legs.
Legs: tegument smooth; telotarsal ungues of the same size.