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n.pl See ointments.

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Q. the substitue ointment for lasonil

A. the active material in it is heparinoid, and if i'm not mistaken there are 2 other creams that uses it. just ask the pharmacist, he is the most qualified to help you.

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The flying ointments and unguents suspected in the "flight" of witches were thought to be applied to the body and transdermally absorbed, as in the suspected smearing of salve on a broomstick and into the mucous membrane of the vagina (Hansen 1978).
The shelves of health food stores teem with ointments, unguents, or pomades that promise hair regrowth and the return of feckless youth.
She paid full attention to my neck, ears and shoulders while the soothing unguents were applied.
This can be seen in most eras of civilisation but perhaps the best known regional example is that of the ancient Egyptians who some 5,000 years ago had amassed a remarkable knowledge of mathematics, physics, astronomy and more esoteric sciences, including aromatherapy and the uses of unguents, herbs and spices in healtheare and preventative medicine.
Or that once that mist had been burnt away, the sun blazed with a ferocity even Dubaians warned each other about - a ferocity that caused more than a few naive poolside loungers to flee to their rooms, where they spent anxious hours dabbing ineffectual unguents on partially incinerated extremities.
The other noteworthy Greek theme in the poem that is enriched by Egyptian ideas has to do with revivifying unguents.
The fragrant blend of traditional unguents and ancient herbal remedies is the ideal way to achieve deep relaxation and tranquillity".
Brandt was inspired to write the article when looking out over a class of second year medical students, mostly dressed in casual attire, and thinking that they "were not aware of or chose to ignore Hippocrates' advice that the doctor should 'be clean in person, well-dressed, and anointed with sweet smelling unguents.
A VISITOR to RAF Kinloss was deeply impressed by the array of soaps and unguents available in the men's toilet.
Medicine long ago passed the stage at which the doctor performed an examination that cost nothing except the value he attached to his time, and then prescribed a regimen or a few simple unguents or chemical remedies well within the financial capacity of his patient to buy.
There's always a horrible girlie smell of perfumes, soaps, powders, potions, lotions and unguents.
Judith, in the Old Testament story, anointed her body with redolent unguents in order to seduce, and ultimately slay, Holophernes.