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n.pl See ointments.

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Q. the substitue ointment for lasonil

A. the active material in it is heparinoid, and if i'm not mistaken there are 2 other creams that uses it. just ask the pharmacist, he is the most qualified to help you.

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496) we are told that this item of materia medica, the best of which has a violent odor and was at that time apparently even available from captive animals in Amsterdam, can be made into an unguent that, when smeared on the groin and lower back, could excite the venereal act.
I speculate that the unguents and ointments found by demonologists and other persecutors consisted mainly of burnt residue from the toxic and semitoxic substances that were incinerated and inhaled.
It is the routine addition to some German Easter mystery plays of optional unscripted quack episodes, relating to the selling of unguents to the three Marys at the tomb of Christ.
The shelves of health food stores teem with ointments, unguents, or pomades that promise hair regrowth and the return of feckless youth.
The unguents, the sacraments, the berry coloured face paint, the fags and the gin.
She paid full attention to my neck, ears and shoulders while the soothing unguents were applied.
This can be seen in most eras of civilisation but perhaps the best known regional example is that of the ancient Egyptians who some 5,000 years ago had amassed a remarkable knowledge of mathematics, physics, astronomy and more esoteric sciences, including aromatherapy and the uses of unguents, herbs and spices in healtheare and preventative medicine.
When he got through paying for the ointments, unguents and pills required to knock out a nasty case of poison ivy, he became less enthusiastic.
Or that once that mist had been burnt away, the sun blazed with a ferocity even Dubaians warned each other about - a ferocity that caused more than a few naive poolside loungers to flee to their rooms, where they spent anxious hours dabbing ineffectual unguents on partially incinerated extremities.
Above all, they wear their hair in copetes and they use unguents or algae to hold it in place.
The fragrant blend of traditional unguents and ancient herbal remedies is the ideal way to achieve deep relaxation and tranquillity".