Surgical restoration of continuity in any organ system, the flow through which had previously been diverted; for example, between the upper urinary tract and bladder after supravesical urinary diversion.
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Where the patients were not captured in a reconstructive database, a billing code query was used for Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes 50727 (revision of urinary-cutaneous anastomosis), 50830 (urinary undiversion), and 50845 (Mitrofanoff procedure) in order to identify potential patients for inclusion in the study.
Kinoshita et al., "Urinary undiversion for pelvic actinomycosis: a long-term follow up," International Journal of Urology, vol.
The next procedure to be developed was urinary undiversion. This was accomplished by the means of a surgical procedure in which a segment of intestine could be added to the bladder to increase bladder capacity.
After vesicostomy, upper urinary dilation progressively regressed; and reduction urethroplasty, urinary undiversion, and circumcission were performed at postnatal 8 months.