The effect of negative supercoiling on a structure of DNA.
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And thanks to the CROCOdoff clamping mechanism, which provides doffing without underwinding and eliminates underwind threads, there are fewer ends down and less fiber fly.
They result from underwinding, unwinding or subtractive twisting of the DNA helix (due to a deficit in link).
This prevents thread underwinding when doffing, and thus keeps the machine clean, thereby ensuring yarn quality.
The new generation of clamping crowns, introduce genuine doffing without underwinding. The crowns work automatically depending on the spindle speed change and therefore, there is no significant adjustment on the machine needed.
More than 6 million spindles with Texparts(R) Zero Underwinding (ZUW) systems have been installed worldwide, thus preventing excess underwound yarn ends.
Graf circular combs PRIMACOMB 9030 and COMB-PRO H15 as well as top combs along with range of metallic card clothings like amel and Hipro as model makes Graf the leading manufacturer of card clothing and combing components Novibra the leader in spindle technology and the only 100% in-house spindle maker's Novibra cutting crown CROCOdoff enables perfect doffing without underwinding.
CROCOdoff the clamping crown from Novibra is meanwhile the benchmark system for performing doffing without underwinding.
CROCOdoff, the clamping crown from Novibra, is meanwhile the benchmark system for performing doffing without underwinding.
Further attractions are spindles with Texparts(r) Zero Underwinding system, Accotex cots and aprons for finest quality yarns and the Daytex(r) Shrinkage Belt with the novel curved edge.
Texparts(r) Zero Underwinding - A system to prevent underwound ends
Spindles with the Texparts(r) Zero underwinding system prevent underwind threads and offer maximum reliability, efficiency and operator-friendliness in use.