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nursing Ease with which written or printed material can be read and understood; important in assessment of patient teaching.
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It score mean 4.21 and standard deviation 0.64 as well as "The information on the websites is impartial" and "The information on the websites is clear and unambiguous" statements have mean score 4.21 with SD 0.64 and 0.77 and belongs to objectivity and understandability information quality indicators respectively.
APEC will encourage regular psycho-education catering to specific carer needs and will allow clinicians to assess effectiveness and understandability of psycho-education.
The pilot study allowed testing clarity, understandability and functionality of the steps in practice.
Comparing the experimental results of the above four software quality measurement models, as shown in Figure 1, and comparing them with the understandability, analysability, and maintainability of the class diagrams obtained by the practical experience, it is found that the four metric results are similar.
Many study participants (46%) expressed that they struggled to retain most of the information from their test results because of information overload and cancer-related distress and thus preferred the following to help with understandability and retention:
We consider transparency beyond disclosure, so we have tried to make implicit the concepts of relevance, understandability and timeliness by measuring transparency as a latent variable inferred from the following variables obtained from the Thomson Reuters Datastream database.
This is the future of the awareness and understandability of mental health in the Philippines and in Asia,' she said.
All individuals were administered the IPSS-Urdu and additional questions regarding understandability of questions and response options, relevancy with urinary problems and personal interpretation of questions and response options were also asked.
Usability###Learnability, Understandability, Operability
With the use of the PEMAT, the GRIP team members evaluated the effectiveness of the educational program for understandability, where consumers of diverse backgrounds and varying levels of health literacy can process and explain key messages, and on actionability, where consumers of diverse backgrounds and varying levels of health literacy can identify what they can do based on the information presented (Shoemaker, Wolf, & Brach, 2016).
The Oxford Dictionary (Oxford English Dictionary [31]) defines feasibility as "capable of being done, accomplished or carried out; possible; practicable when applied to a design or a project/capable of being dealt with successfully in any way, either in a material or immaterial sense when applied to things in general." In this study, the feasibility was evaluated through concreteness, usability, understandability, clarity, and objectivity.
- Reduce compliance costs: Keep working on improving tax regulations and on the rewriting of tax legislation to improve understandability