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a passageway of varying length through a solid body, completely enclosed except for the open ends, permitting entrance and exit.
carpal tunnel the osseofibrous passage for the median nerve and the flexor tendons, formed by the flexor retinaculum and the carpal bones; see also carpal tunnel syndrome.
flexor tunnel carpal tunnel.
tarsal tunnel the osseofibrous passage for the posterior tibial vessels, tibial nerve, and flexor tendons, formed by the flexor retinaculum and the tarsal bones; see also tarsal tunnel syndrome.
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An elongated passageway, usually open at both ends.
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An elongated passageway, usually open at both ends.
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A narrow channel or passageway.
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carpal tunnel

The canal in the wrist bounded by osteofibrous material through which the flexor tendons and the median nerve pass. Synonym: flexor tunnel See: illustration

flexor tunnel

Carpal tunnel.

inner tunnel

The triangular canal lying between the inner and outer pillars of Corti in the organ of Corti of the inner ear.

tarsal tunnel

The osteofibrous canal in the tarsal area bounded by the flexor retinaculum and tarsal bones. The posterior tibial vessels, tibial nerve, and flexor tendons pass through this tunnel.
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An elongated passageway, usually open at both ends.
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Patient discussion about tunnel

Q. I'm looking for natural/organic ways to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome. My Boss has Carpal Tunnel syndrome. I'm looking for some natural remedies to help her ease the pain.

A. I have found that MSM (GNC brand) 1500mg per day works for me. I talked to an Orthopedic Surgeon asking him why it works... he said "they really don't know why it works, but it works for many of my patients". When I stop taking my MSM the symptoms return so it is not a cure.

I have tried other brands of MSM and found the GNC brand works the best for me. It takes about 2 weeks to begin to see the results and several more weeks to get the full affect.

Q. what can i do to help my capentunnel without surgery?

A. a good friend of mine is a bike racer and did the surgery- it's not a bad solution as it seems...but you can try and put on a splint to stabilize the wrist. The splint is worn at night for several weeks. If this does not help, you may need to wear the splint during the day. Hot and cold compresses may also be recommended.

There are many ergonomic devices that can be used in the workplace to reduce the stress placed on the wrist. These include special keyboards, cushioned mouse pads, and keyboard drawers. Make sure the keyboard is low enough so that the wrists aren't bent upward during typing. You may also need to make changes in your work duties or recreational activities.

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