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v to separate surgically the skin or mucosa from its underlying stroma so that it can be stretched or moved to cover a defect or wound.
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Organizational social undermining consists of the all negative behaviors or degenerative which from the parties entered into the person during the work time and caused to the compromised abilities, Jay-analysis of personality, weakened ability to establish and maintain positive relationships, such as interpersonal, vocational success, mental health, and reputation of the organization (Duffy et al, 2006).
Undermining Nurse: Are we just trying to make mothers feel guilty about not breastfeeding?
In particular, the United States' persistent role in undermining the goals of the NPT should be clearly outlined by the other parties to the treaty.
McConnell said: "Instead of doing what Tony Blair and I are doing, which is underlining the case Ross Finnie and Elliott Morley are putting in Brussels, he is undermining it instead.
Undermining the Romantic idea that art transmits the sensibility of an individual genius, Solakov's unfinished landscapes rather demonstrate the contingency of creation upon i nterpretation.
For example, America's representatives, once done undermining access to reproductive health services, then successfully persuaded other nations to defeat a proposal that opposed the execution of children under the age of 18.
Delegue understands this self-apology as an emblematic manifestation of the doubt undermining the veracity of modern literary discourse.
The greatest trauma of the first year of reforms was the high inflation that ripped through Russia, decimating savings and undermining confidence in market reforms.
ANGRY civil servants are trying to save hundreds of rabbits accused of undermining the country's benefits system.
We have to get involved in the cleanup and prevent this greed-for-profit behavior from undermining our integrity.
As well as undermining British industry, faulty cabling can cost lives or ruin properties if they catch fire.