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v to separate surgically the skin or mucosa from its underlying stroma so that it can be stretched or moved to cover a defect or wound.
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Undermining can lead to anti-social reactions resulting from workplace abusing nature Temptation undermining behavior would lead to the ability and wisdom to hold and retain employees believe in the good of the others and he wiped out and behavior that will ultimately lead to a damage will be form at him (Skarlicki & Folger, 1997).
Undermining Nurse: I was bottle fed, and I turned out OK.
In considering whether or not the passing on had the effect of undermining the agreement, the Union claimed that the collective agreement was undermined because the passing on would reduce the potential number of employees who would be in the collective agreement.
This unregulated counterfeit cable is undermining responsible British manufactures, and causing widespread job losses in the sector.
The only government policy that the authors actually link to the undermining of parents by liberals is no-fault divorce, an example they give in several places to make the same point.
Burton's zip seems dangerously close to becoming slapdash mad, undermining the stateliness of Newman's epic one) The discharge is now eloquently "off": the impulsive gestures do not precisely coordinate with the grid skeleton, except its controlling, "screening" pattern.
An overview of the key factors which are undermining the traded price of European carbon emissions credits.
When our desire to personalize our emotions and thoughts leads to writing on the flag itself, then that undermining has begun in earnest.
It's for this exercise of free assembly and free speech that he was charged with undermining the union and fined.
A secular Jew, Strauss believed that the harsh truths of philosophy should not be publicized, for fear of undermining the public orthodoxy on which any stable community must rest.
The result is the undermining of the faith of the children.
At the same time, Big Pharma are having to contend with a dearth of invention, patent expirations, and increased generic competition, among other factors undermining their profits.