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v to separate surgically the skin or mucosa from its underlying stroma so that it can be stretched or moved to cover a defect or wound.
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Undermining can lead to anti-social reactions resulting from workplace abusing nature Temptation undermining behavior would lead to the ability and wisdom to hold and retain employees believe in the good of the others and he wiped out and behavior that will ultimately lead to a damage will be form at him (Skarlicki & Folger, 1997).
Undermining Nurse: I was bottle fed, and I turned out OK.
In considering whether or not the passing on had the effect of undermining the agreement, the Union claimed that the collective agreement was undermined because the passing on would reduce the potential number of employees who would be in the collective agreement.
In particular, the United States' persistent role in undermining the goals of the NPT should be clearly outlined by the other parties to the treaty.
Other post-Soviet states such as Ukraine continued to issue ruble credits, undermining Russia's attempt to end inflation.
This unregulated counterfeit cable is undermining responsible British manufactures, and causing widespread job losses in the sector.
James Kennedy in February of 1999, the movement's chief architect, Phillip Johnson, a University of California at Berkeley law professor, stated upfront that his ultimate goal in undermining evolution is to persuade people to accept "the truth" of the Bible and be "introduced to Jesus.
To that end, they conclude the book with a Parents' Bill of Rights, which they present as their "blueprint for supporting families" Modeled on the GI Bill, the Parents Bill of Rights includes concrete suggestions for ways to address the major problems faced by parents: economic pressures, time pressures, and the undermining of parental status.
On November 15, a 75-member church executive in Toronto formally expressed support for Phipps and for his claim that rather than undermining the faith he was doing everyone a service by beginning a theological debate.
Burton's zip seems dangerously close to becoming slapdash mad, undermining the stateliness of Newman's epic one) The discharge is now eloquently "off": the impulsive gestures do not precisely coordinate with the grid skeleton, except its controlling, "screening" pattern.
An overview of the key factors which are undermining the traded price of European carbon emissions credits.
When our desire to personalize our emotions and thoughts leads to writing on the flag itself, then that undermining has begun in earnest.