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v to separate surgically the skin or mucosa from its underlying stroma so that it can be stretched or moved to cover a defect or wound.
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The provincial police chief complained about what he called unfair criticism about performance of the police force and feared that it might undermine the police morale.
The referral undermines everything that went before it and the impartiality of the process," she said.
Premature male death undermines the economy, undermines families, undermines women and their health and undermines our social security and health services.
Her appointment was made after a rigorous assessment process and such misreporting of the facts only undermines the work of the Birmingham Children's Hospital and the considerable talent she has demonstrated as the youngest CEO in the country.
Chelsea issued a statement insisting the decision, taken for television purposes, undermines the integrity of the competition.
The refusal to negotiate nuclear disarmament undermines the whole nuclear safety and non-proliferation programme.
If our strategy is payment, then I believe it undermines our expertise and the integrity of the profession.
That dubious distinction goes to University of Wisconsin-Madison, whose administration is understandably rankled by how the portrayal undermines their efforts to curb alcohol abuse on campus.
He added: 'It undermines legitimate business, undermines the local economy and stifles genuine entrepreneurial spirit.
What's more, by minimizing the impact of the appraiser's experience and judgment, the form actually undermines its own usefulness.
You are losing talent that the military critically needs and forcing commanders to divert attention from their missions to pry into bedrooms, which undermines readiness," says Dixon Osburn, executive director of the SLDN.
Such discriminatory roundups weaken the legitimacy of the American government, which undermines its ability to gather information and obtain cooperation to prevent future attacks.