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v to separate surgically the skin or mucosa from its underlying stroma so that it can be stretched or moved to cover a defect or wound.
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But the move has sparked outrage with Mr Givan and the Evangelical Alliance claiming it undermined the current public consultation on abortion laws.
The Carling Cup is something people have done the same with - undermined and undervalued.
The governor of the central bank of India, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has said that the global financial crisis has undermined the independence of central banks.
More to the point, he (legitimately) buttonholed government as the "problem" a shriek that helped him take control of the very institution whose credibility he undermined.
By showing how changes in working-class mobilizations, employer tactics, and state policies undermined and rebuilt men's control over women family members, the author demonstrates how patriarchy affected, and was in turn affected by, reformist and revolutionary class projects.
Marriage was being undermined by tax and social policies such as the ``gay marriage Bill'' currently before the Lords,Lord Tebbit attacking government policy
Murphy's Law hit the South African recycling industry in the summer of 2003: Shortly after everyone--government, producers and consumers--thought they had a deal in place to reduce the use of and encourage the recycling of plastic bags, the deal got undermined by one of its largest and earliest supporters.
In order to define cultural mimesis on her own terms, not as reverential, celebratory representation, but as "the fun house mirror, the reflection that dazzles, the impersonator, the sneaky copy, the double-agent" (5), Fuchs shows instead the pertinence of Michael Taussig's notion of mimesis as a powerful weapon by which the colonial experience can be undermined, applying it to the case of Spain and England and their imperial pursuits.
It is time for members of the NPT regime to issue a clear statement outlining how the treaty is being undermined and by whom.
On the other hand, once the cement of integrity in society crumbles, and cheating is seen as okay, trust is undermined.
But McConnell said SNP fishing spokesman Richard Lochhead had undermined Scots Fishing Minister Ross Finnie and his Westminster counterpart, Elliot Morley, in press releases from Belgium.
In the intervening years the double scandal of pedophilia and cover-up has cost the church countless millions of dollars, done immeasurable harm to the morale of good priests, and undermined the faith of tens of millions of Catholics.