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Failure to achieve as well as one's abilities would seem to allow.
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The continued use of academic selection by grammar schools is a barrier to addressing underachievement in disadvantaged communities.
Because academic underachievement circumscribes individual career alternatives (Gottfredson, 1981) and educational attainment constitutes the bedrock of career choice and self-efficacy, underachieving academically is likely to lower students' career aspirations, limit their career choices, and lead to unsatisfying decision making.
All the underachievement variables have zero values, except for [d.
Philip Dixon, director of education union ATL Wales, said: "Free school meals are a quick indicator of social deprivation and the fear is that children affected end up in a spiral of unbreakable poverty as a result of underachievement.
But the problem is not the achievement difference, it is underachievement, wherever and however it occurs.
For example, rather than writing a review article on small-group interventions for underachievement, aspiring contributors to PSC would better serve the profession by conducting an intervention study of several small-group approaches to underachievement, and present the results.
In this paper we approach three specific topics that in our view are central for the understanding of the problem and the effectiveness of intervention in this area: (1) the issue of comorbidity of emotional, behavioral, and learning disorders, (2) the influence of academic underachievement in the development of EBD; and (3) the timing of interventions with emotional, behavior and learning disorders (EBLD).
UK Athletics must stop being so nice - they've got too be much harder and reward performances by the results achieved on the day by the athletes"There must be a positive and negative consequence for achievement and underachievement.
He also intends it as a hymn to underachievement for reasons obvious to those who've followed Dunc's career
One explanation for the underachievement, says Dennis Heretick, the Justice Department's chief information security officer, is that agencies were required to meet new standards last year that were not evaluated in past report cards, such as determining how frequently agencies applied software patches to known computer security flaws.
Moreover, research indicates that many students struggle in research methodology/statistics classes, culminating in underachievement and negative attitudes toward research (Onwuegbuzie, 1997), although these attitudes can be improved by same-race and same-sex mentoring (Hargrove & Frierson, 1994).
The activities include stories, songs, games, worksheets, role plays, and other strategies that address problems, such as anger, anxiety/worry, depression, underachievement, procrastination, perfectionism, self-downing, and acting out.