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Failure to achieve as well as one's abilities would seem to allow.
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The report says: "No pupils underachieve. Behaviour is outstanding.
If teachers are more confident about the way they teach and plan then children do not underachieve, they achieve a lot."
Sato (1989) pointed out that African Americans, when looked at as non-standard language speakers, as well as other groups with similar linguistic backgrounds, consistently underachieve in the school system.
"Maybe they should look at some of us because we did underachieve.
The reason GH gets such strong support from other managers is that they know that under him Liverpool will continue to underachieve.
BRADFORD boss Chris Hutchings has warned seven of his first-team squad they face the axe if they continue to underachieve.
The study explored specific key objectives which were to: (1) Analyse matched administrative records to identify the young people who underachieve at KS4 relative to their KS3 attainment, profile their characteristics, and to track them into post-compulsory education and training; (2) Explore why young people underachieved or disengaged from education at KS4; (3) Explore the roles played by experiences of school, the curriculum and delivery of education in contributing to young people's disengagement as well as the role of factors outside the education and training experience; (4) Identify the circumstances, processes and pathways leading to underachievement and disengagement; and (5) Explore how school experiences impact on post-16 destinations and pathways.
I don't think they will underachieve the way they have in the league again.