undecylenic acid

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un·dec·y·len·ic ac·id

(ŭn'des-i-len'ik as'id),
An acid present in small amounts in sweat; used with its zinc salt in ointments, or as a powder.
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PUR NAIL's formula includes anti-fungal medicines such as Undecylenic Acid, MelaleucaAlterifolia, and HelianthAnnuus.
to 100 Glycerin 2.3 Urea 5 Phase B BergaMuls 'ET 1 (Beta glucan (and) pectin) 2.8 BergaCare SB (Butyrospermum parkii 4 (shea) butter) BergaCare 1N2 (Isononyl isononanoate) 3.2 Nesatol (C10 -18 glycerides) 2.2 Trioxene E (Ethylhexyl cocoate) 2 Natrium carboxyvinyl polymer 0.2 Phase C Undebenzofene-C P-F (Phenoxyethanol 0.5 (and) sodium clehydroacetate (and) sorbic acid (and) undecylenic acid) Hydroessential Lavandula 0.1 (Lavandula angustifolia flower extract)
DiabetiDerm toenail and foot fungus antifungal cream contains L-arginine and undecylenic acid 10%, a natural fungicide for skin disorders, plus tea tree oil, an antimicrobial/antiseptic and aloe vera.