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uncompensated (n·kômˑ·pn·sāˈ·td),

n a clinical classification of a postural pattern in which no alterations in response to treatment occur.
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Further, Thorpe and Spencer (1991), in analyzing a similar program in New York state, concluded that it assisted hospitals financially and resulted in an increased volume of uncompensated care.
The uncompensated care figures show the importance of those new coverage options, which will ensure that many more individuals and families have coverage for the care they need most, when they need it.
The variables uncompensated care and financial status were measured over time and across different hospital types, that is, IO system hospitals versus NFP system hospitals.
6 million less in federal Medicare money as a result of 2 percent cuts to Medicare reimbursements that began in March 2013, according to the Texas Hospital Association, which estimates that hospitals already provide roughly $5 billion annually in uncompensated care.
In addition to uncompensated care, Minnesota hospitals reported providing:
The Obama administration in 2011 approved Texas' uncompensated care pool as part of a five-year, $29 billion Medicaid "transformation waiver.
Total quantity or scope: Information systems management and uncompensated medical prescriptions for narcotic and psychotropic prescriptions, connection to DES providers, medical laboratory, dental, medical devices and ambulances, according Specification.
1) The program supported about 36% of total uncompensated care costs for hospitals in 2001 and about 30% in 2008 (Hadley et al.
If a [not equal to] 0, it is called uncompensated lateral acceleration.
To measure the decision of individuals, already working full time, to increase hours of work, it uses the commonly-used measure of uncompensated wage elasticity.
ObamaCare's legal defense relies as much on policy arguments--about the nature of uncompensated medical care, the role of Medicaid, and the interaction of the law's various provisions-as it does on constitutional reasoning.
In the medical world, those unpaid bills are known as uncompensated care.