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If the RCP is zero because the allowable expenses equal or exceed available total income and there are no substantive assets to levy, the taxpayer should be placed in uncollectible status.
Periodically (annually at a minimum) write-off uncollectible police detail accounts receivable.
As a result, US banks have been forced to charge off large amounts of uncollectible debt that consumers could not afford to repay.
Presumably, the present crisis would be less severe if fewer of these uncollectible loans had been made.
On individual council taxpayers, Mr Woods said: "Council tax debts relate to accounts deemed uncollectible in 2007-08, but may cover more than the current year.
reflect a $16 million provision for uncollectible accounts, which was
This is an alternative to hiring a collection agency and preferable to writing off the payment as uncollectible.
Assets classified as loss are considered uncollectible and of such little value that their continuance as bankable assets is not warranted.
Either an infinite series, or else an impasse." Another reason is that, as the philosophy of language also attests, the critical nature of the new form intrinsically applied--in terms that were alternately implicit or confrontational, at times politicized--to values and institutions, even insofar as the work was often, by most existing standards, uncollectible (although patronage did eventually come to play a significant role in its making).
While tenants reacted negatively to the onerous rent increases, landlords began to dislike it as well, for such large annual increases became uncollectible, requiring evictions or lease renegotiations.
According to the brewery, the tough numbers were the result of some unforeseen expenses, including the bankruptcy of a distributor, which left the brewery with some uncollectible debt.