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Even Utopian insistence that nothing that is "filthy, loathsome, or uncleanly be brought into the city" is not a result of a concern about the integrity of the land but an anxiety about public health and the potential effect of "pestilent diseases" on an urban population (64).
They told me you salute not at court but you kiss," comments a shocked Conn, the old shepherd of the play: "That courtesy would be uncleanly if courtiers were shepherds" (3.
They stand about me in such crowds that often I am half-suffocated with the stench which their uncleanly bodies give out.
18) In April 1891, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported a police raid in Jackson Alley where the cribs "swarmed with disorderly, uncleanly, lawless element.
Well that made its debut there in the 1920s - but it had to be removed almost immediately when women started using it in "an uncleanly manner".
7) In Shakespeare's As You Like It (III, ii) Corin says "The courtier's hands are perfumed with civet," and Touchstone replies that "civet is of a baser birth than tar, the very uncleanly flux of a cat.