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I do know that all my life I have suffered feelings of ugliness, unworthiness, uncleanliness, inferiority, fear, insecurity, panic, embarrassment, self-consciousness.
Dr Reid said he wanted patients to get involved in ``weeding out'' uncleanliness in the NHS.
Haji Rahim's comments on the waste and uncleanliness in the kampung stand in contrast to images of clean living and natural beauty prominent in school textbooks.
This reading first explores the century's moralizing discourse on hygiene that indirectly attributed such varied problems as cholera and alcoholism to uncleanliness.
The social problems and economic disadvantages experienced by many Aboriginal people are the source of demeaning stereotypes of Aboriginality -- drunkenness, immorality, violence, uncleanliness -- which often target the perceived problem of those Aboriginal people who camp in the dry riverbed that runs through the city.
The notions of uncleanliness attached to menstruation in the present study can also be explained by the socio-cultural milieu of Indian society.
Blood, representing the essential life force, becomes the source of uncleanliness and prohibition, anger and violence, and yet, it is also the symbol for what is so uniquely human.
He displays the conventional, sunny-minded homiletics of Victorian domesticity in John Muir's depictions of wilderness as a comfortable "home," as well as the Calvinist remonstrances against fallen Man in Muir's distaste for human uncleanliness and urban degradation.
one of those tranquil, silent snowfalls that come straight down, undeflected by any wind, and as steadily as if to smother all traces of uncleanliness.
The witch described in these narratives was essentially an anti-housewife and anti-mother who disrupted food supplies, introduced uncleanliness, and usurped maternal and domestic authority.
For Giovanni, David's repudiation of their love is a symptom of a more generalized fear of intimacy expressed as a loathing of disorder and the uncleanliness of one body in contact with another body:" 'You never have loved anyone, I am sure you never will