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What was once a beacon of beauty with its glorious sunset is now a stinking cesspool of uncleanliness.
He spoke up against injustice, he spoke up against uncleanliness, he spoke up against indiscipline, he spoke up against spiritual wickedness in high places, he spoke, he spoke, he spoke ...
'Not only uncleanliness but entry charges and high charges of swings and food available there are also causing inconvenience for the visitors who throng to the place in a large number these days for barbeque parties and fun', Sumaria Nazir, another visitor said.
The local authority said they discussed all issues with Pontins and also found evidence of uncleanliness and "minor food issues" during an inspection.
They complained against uncleanliness in the entire town, unavailability of roads, trauma centre cardiac centre unavailability of required surgical and medical facilities including medicines in the Rural Health Center (RHC), Naundero and shortage of proper doctors.
Vaginal pH balance typically is in the range of 3.8 to 4.5, however some uncleanliness and/or the usage of some products can disturb the pH balance of vagina which can result into acute bacterial infection.
Defending his act, the minister said that that urination alone doesn't contribute to uncleanliness.
It was true that the many and varied crimes of adolescence--from slovenliness to uncleanliness of thought and body--marked him.
| =9th: Bidston, Birkenhead, (19): While Birkenhead and Tranmere both came high up in the list, it might be surprising to some the area, often subject to litter and uncleanliness issues, did not see more rat complaints.
It has always been a taboo subject, you'll find references in the Bible and Quran to women's "uncleanliness".
Due to the strike of the sweepers and sanitary staffers, the heaps of garbage and uncleanliness are causing great nuisance to the citizens.
Although ATP testing does not always correlate well with specifically proscribed microbial pathogens, in the context of normal surveillance of food premises, the broader result provides an indication of general surface uncleanliness. Uncleanliness can be a leading indicator for soils that can support pathogenic microbe survival on surfaces, and thus a better measure of uncleanliness could be an indication of noncompliance with the standardized codes.