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State of failure to be cognizant of something.
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Susceptibility to hypoglycemia unawareness can be influenced by external factors such as alcohol (41) or caffeine, (45) nonselective [beta]-adrenergic antagonists that may blunt autonomic warning symptoms, (22) and possibly by gender and the duration of diabetes.
This article defines awareness and its variations, and attempts to capture different states of unawareness following a coma for a brain-injured population so that nurses can best observe these states and adjust their interventions accordingly.
Using the current smaller dose of DIABECELL([R]), two patients so far have eliminated or reduced life-threatening episodes of hypoglycaemic unawareness, a serious complication without warning symptoms and which can lead to accidents and coma.
The speakers said Breast Cancer is a chronic disease and spreading rapidly in Asian countries due to unawareness, traditional social norms and restrictions but it can be cured if diagnosed at earlier stages.
All the abductees in their statements to law enforcement agencies expressed their unawareness about identity of the kidnappers and whereabouts of the locations where they had been kept during their abduction period.
High levels of unawareness are also found in France, Estonia and Sweden.
Shortage and outsourcing of qualified health workers, poor family planning skills, unawareness of possible consequences of pregnancy are among other factors that contribute to increase in maternal mortality.
But she measures them against nothing, against total unawareness, the case she sees too often.
Patients may develop hypoglycemia unawareness due to recurrent hypoglycemia.
At IFA Direct Life, Mike Ward says a combination of unawareness of cheaper rates and apathy means hundreds of thousands of people to waste money on expensive policies, although rates have been plunging since 1996.
Still, barriers to serving men--funding constraints, men's unawareness of services and their perceptions that clinics serve women only--are not insubstantial.
That was funny, but the look of total innocence on his face, total unawareness, was even funnier.