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A term of art placed on death certificates (usually less than 2% of all cases) in which a satisfactory cause of death is not found
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However, there is a difference between releasing unknown or unascertainable damages and releasing unrelated claims.
(129) However, if such direct evidence is unavailable or unascertainable, "the plaintiff may nevertheless establish the right to recover by showing that the product did not perform in keeping with the reasonable expectations of the user, thus creating an inference of specific defect for the trier of fact." (130)
The document claims the exact damages stemming from Suleman's cancellation are "unascertainable" and that she caused "irreparable harm." ( ANI )
It was, however, value of an unascertainable sort....
(119.) Vague statutes violate due process because they fail to provide fair notice of what conduct is prohibited; they set an "unascertainable standard." Coates v.
The entire panoply of ramifications of this Convention, the purpose of which is "to promote, protect and ensure the full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity", (Article 1) is as yet unascertainable. However, States Parties must "take all appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination by any person, organization or private enterprise" (Article 4 (1) (e)), among other obligations.
The extent of the influence of Cinna's work remains unascertainable.
(64) The first chapter was also accessible in the United Kingdom because it had been posted on the United States-based ABC News website, (65) although the number of hits from the United Kingdom it received was unascertainable. (66)
Instead, hybrid courts are judged, and consequently criticized, for their limited capacity-building, their failure to inculcate international standards of fair trial norms, and the essentially unascertainable level of legitimacy they enjoy in traumatized societies.