ultraviolet spectrum

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ul·tra·vi·o·let spec·trum

the electromagnetic spectrum at wavelengths shorter than the violet end of the visible spectrum.
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With the scanning wavelength range at 245~330nm, samplinging interval at 0.5nm, aperture width at 0.5nm, dilution ratio of evaporated liquor at 1:6, evaporation temperature at 45[degrees]C, quality thickness of reference fluid (glacial acetic acid) at 45g/L, we scan the vinegars with ultraviolet spectrum at different storage time, and obtain the data, see [2].
A video intensifier tube, which is sensitive to light waves from the ultraviolet spectrum through the infrared, was modified to detect only ultraviolet light waves.
So, even if you happened to be in the vicinity of Mars, you would not have been able to see the aurora in its glorious intensity because our eyes cannot see in the ultraviolet spectrum of light.
The team also discovered evidence of changes in Pluto's ultraviolet spectrum compared to Hubble measurements from the 1990s.
The superb ultraviolet spectrum obtained by the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph of the Hubble Space Telescope reveals that the coolest gas in the line of sight towards Markarian 509 has 14 different velocity components at various locations in the innermost parts of this galaxy.
The Optoelectronic Business Unit, a division of TT electronics, is a leading manufacturing and solutions provider for sensing and illumination covering the infrared, visible and ultraviolet spectrum; with standard as well as application specific products for a variety of markets, including, but not limited to office machines, industrial equipment, encoders, automotive electronics, military and high-reliability applications, medical diagnostic equipment and solid-state lighting.
The Sun in UV "Since 1946 it has been possible to observe from rockets the ultraviolet spectrum of the sun at wave lengths shorter than 2900 angstroms, a spectral region masked from ground observers by the earth's atmosphere.
* Broad spectrum products - affording protection across the whole ultraviolet spectrum including UVB, which inflames the outer layer of the skin and can prematurely age it; UVA, which penetrates deeper, damaging collagen and elastic tissues and protection from IR, the `hot' element in sunlight.
Using Hubble's Goddard high-resolution spectrograph, the team managed to home in on the ultraviolet spectrum of an individual star, called R136a5, even though a neighboring star in the cluster, R136a2, lies less than 0.2 light-year away.
With the knowledge that birds have the ability to see light in the ultraviolet spectrum, ARNOLD GLAS has developed ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass.
By matching its ultraviolet spectrum to model systems, Edward M.

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