ultraviolet lamp

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an apparatus for furnishing heat or light.
Gullstrand's slit lamp an apparatus for projecting a narrow flat beam of intense light into the eye. See also slit lamp.
slit lamp one embodying a diaphragm containing a slitlike opening, by means of which a narrow, flat beam of intense light may be projected into the eye. It gives intense illumination so that microscopic study may be made of the conjunctiva, cornea, iris, lens, and vitreous, the special feature being that it illuminates a section through the substance of these structures.
Examiner using hand-held slit lamp. (Photography by Leslie MacKeen.) From Stein et al., 2000.
sun lamp (ultraviolet lamp) an electric light that transmits ultraviolet rays; used as a therapeutic device and as a means of obtaining an artificial suntan. See also ultraviolet therapy.
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ul·tra·vi·o·let lamp

a lamp that emits rays in the ultraviolet band of the spectrum.
See also: ultraviolet.
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ul·tra·vi·o·let lamp

(ŭl'tră-vī'ŏ-lĕt lamp)
Appliance that emits rays in the ultraviolet band of the spectrum.
See also: ultraviolet
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After normal handwashing, the ultraviolet lamp is used to detect any oil that has not been washed off.
SHERWOOD The Finsen lamp, invented by physician Niels Ryberg Finsen, was an ultraviolet lamp which allowed flexible treatment in all seasons and its rays could be concentrated onto the most affected parts of a patient's body.
introduced ColorStay longwear nail enamel, a 30-shade line that the company maintains gives nails a "shatterproof shield of color" without having to expose the polish to an ultraviolet lamp.
Hu's invention, which was patented by the China State Intellectual Property Office in 2007, is motor driven, and can trap flies with organic bait and an ultraviolet lamp, Xinhua said.
But it is easily detected using an ultraviolet lamp. Only the smallest sample of SmartWater has to be recovered and sent to a forensic science laboratory to enable the owner to be identified.
It includes many color photos showing what they look like in daylight and under an ultraviolet lamp. Schneider aims to incorporate worldwide minerals while still emphasizing the importance of New Jersey's environment, which has more minerals than any other comparable place in the world.
All people arrested in Kirklees will automatically be examined under an ultraviolet lamp for traces of Smartwater.
The substance shows up red under an ultraviolet lamp, positively linking the suspect to the scene or crime.
The tissue glowed when placed under an ultraviolet lamp.
We finally found a battery-operated UV lamp that is powerful enough to work well under most warehouse lighting conditions: the Blak-Ray[R] 26P Series Rechargeable Ultraviolet Lamp, manufactured by UVP, Inc.* The 26P Series of ultraviolet lamps offers a powerful 6/12-watt lamp that comes with long- or short-wave UV or a combination of both.
Flow tubes containing simple hydrocarbons, such as methane and ethane, are exposed to an ultraviolet lamp, a stand-in for the sun.
Ozone was generated by a 10-inch Penray ultraviolet lamp, an ozone analyzer and a [NO.sub.X] model #8440.

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