A short-wave diathermy machine.
[ultra- + G. thermē, heat]
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Wheels include the Ultratherm with high performance elastic rubber tread for quiet rolling; the Thermolast, made with 30% glass-fiber-reinforced nylon; and the composite material Duratherm for oven rack applications.
First, the Rosemount 3051S Thermal Range Expander with new UltraTherm 805 oil fill fluid enables pressure measurements by direct-mounting a diaphragm seal system to processes that reach temperatures up to 410 C [770 F] without requiring the challenging impulse piping or heat tracing used in traditional connection technology.
Jim Faughnan, President & CEO said, Addition of UltraTherm technology to polypropylene capacitors operating at high temperature will provide significant technical and economic benefits.
Villa Collection, made of solid wood, is finished with Sherwin-Williams' two-component polyurethane coating sealer, holds 2-liter bottles upright and has Igloo Ultratherm foam insulation.
25 units UltraTherm DNA polymerase (BioCan); the manufacturer's recommended buffer and dNTP concentrations.
PRAYBOURNE Ltd are launching their range of Xcelcius megatherm and ultratherm base layer garments into the chilled distribution and freezer work environments.