ultrasound transducer

ul·tra·sound trans·duc·er

a piezoelectric transducer used in diagnostic ultrasound.
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A key feature of the Verza system is its direct transducer attachment, in combination with VerzaLink(TM), a proprietary locating feature designed into the ultrasound transducer, eliminating the need for a custom bracket attachment, and providing an ideal profile and position on the ultrasound probe.
Tenders are invited for Children with Heart Ultrasound Transducer Extra
SoftVue's unparalleled, sophisticated design incorporates a circular ultrasound transducer, unique to medical imaging, presenting cross- sectional ultrasound slices through the entire volume of breast tissue.
An ultrasound transducer is moved over the chest in the area above the heart.
After 15 seconds with an ultrasound transducer, a standard ultrasound imaging device, placed against his head, Hameroff felt no effect.
The Axotrack system as a whole consists of an ultrasound transducer from Sonosite and a single-use sterile procedure kit from Soma.
Amongst its products, Huntleigh manufactures foetal monitors that track foetal wellbeing by recording foetal heart rate using an ultrasound transducer and contractions using a TOCO transducer.
The basic concept involves a special ultrasound transducer that is embedded into an MR table.
Then the ultrasound transducer was positioned perpendicular to the skin transversely in the midline of the back, allowing visualisation of the spinous process of L4 and the erector spinae muscle.
It may be harder to identify fetal anomalies in obese women because the ultrasound transducer is farther from the fetus, which limits the image resolution," Dr.
In this study, we used a system equipped with an A-mode ultrasound transducer (one-dimensional SMG [1-D SMG]) to detect thickness changes in forearm muscles.
of Haifa, Israel, that incorporates an ultrasound transducer into a magnetic-resonance (MR) scanner.

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