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The calcaneus BMD was measured by an ultrasound densitometry, i.e.
(2000) used ultrasound densitometry as a technique for measuring bone density in determining the effect of walking on bone quality.
the examination made by ultrasound densitometry is a relatively fast (few seconds) and comfortable (it is not necessary to take off clothes) and it is done on the heel bone.
Osteroporosis screening in Doboj region using ultrasound densitometry of the heel bone.
Quantitative ultrasound densitometry is perspective new method allowing to evaluate the condition of the bone tissue by passing speed of the ultrasound wave through the bone (SOS-speed of sound) and due to the size of its attenuation in the bone (BUA--broadband ultrasound attenuation), and due to Z-criteria (Z-score).
Quantitative ultrasound densitometry (QUS) does not measure BMD directly but rather speed of sound (SOS) and/or broadband ultrasound attenuation (BUA) at the heel, tibia, patella and other peripheral skeletal sites.
Quantitative ultrasound densitometry (QUS): A diagnostic test used to assess bone density at the calcaneus or patella.

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