ultrasonic waves

ul·tra·son·ic waves

the periodic configuration of energy produced by sound having a frequency greater than 30,000 Hz.
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Using ferroelectric polymer, the sensor generates and processes ultrasonic waves on the substrate.
Request TOC of this Report- https://www.factmr.com/connectus/sample?flag=T&rep_id=2931 Commonly used as a measuring instrument, the Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge benefits from ultrasonic waves to measure a material's thickness.
This technique was applied to Malay apples and strawberry (Garcia-Noguera et al., 2010; Oliveira et al., 2012), where the use of ultrasonic waves during the D3S process was reported to enhance mass transfer (sugar removal in the first stage and/or stevia incorporation in the second one).
Comparison of amplitudes of ultrasonic waves reflected from good and defected areas of the sample using 3.5 MHz and 5 MHz phased array transducers are shown in Fig.
The device - developed by the university's School of Engineering and California-based microchip developer Microsemi - sends ultrasonic waves and picks up points of damage.
As is well known, the use of ultrasonic waves provides a uniform distribution of droplet diameters.
Kodjo, "Evaluating the damage in reinforced concrete slabs under bending test with the energy of ultrasonic waves," Construction and Building Materials, vol.
The application of ultrasonic waves in engineering structure now is a critically significant method in nondestructive testing (NDT) and structural health monitoring (SHM).
"By emitting ultrasonic waves, you can separate phosphate in 30 minutes, instead of two hours which is usually required," Choi said.
-- GuruNanda has introduced the GuruNanda Mini Tree, an easy-to-use 100 ml USB diffuser for essential oils that utilizes ultrasonic waves to disseminate the oils for up to four hours.
The ultrasonic waves create an environment that is uncomfortable for rats, cockroaches, silver fish, ants and spiders.

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