ultrasonic waves

ul·tra·son·ic waves

the periodic configuration of energy produced by sound having a frequency greater than 30,000 Hz.
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But what made Choi's work stand out was that he used ultrasonic waves to shorten the time needed to separate the phosphate from the ash.
GuruNanda has introduced the GuruNanda Mini Tree, an easy-to-use 100 ml USB diffuser for essential oils that utilizes ultrasonic waves to disseminate the oils for up to four hours.
Cheng-Kung Liu, an ARS materials engineer based in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, may have found a solution: ultrasonic waves.
TV's 'mosquito away technology' uses ultrasonic waves, inaudible to humans, but force mosquitoes away.
Therefore, some catalysts known as sonocatalysts are used at the same time with ultrasonic waves.
0])is the initially amplitude of the ultrasonic waves,(A) is the wave amplitude after absorption and (x) is the thickness of the sample.
The single ultrasonic wave transducer reflect model is used to transmit and receive the ultrasonic waves.
Their 'sonic decanter' uses ultrasonic waves to speed up the ageing process of cheap plonk by breaking down its preservatives and transforming it into something much more quaffable.
Thanks to the special joint design, the ultrasonic waves are focused onto the joint zone without exerting a thermal burden on the part.
Ultrasonic measurement involves transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves via a transducer.
New machine utilizes ultrasonic waves to melt plastics for micromolding, as opposed to the shear and conductive heating used in standard processes.

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