ultrasonic therapy

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ul·tra·son·ic ther·a·py

therapy for musculoskeletal disease using ultrasonic waves to produce heat.
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the main purpose of the ultrasound device is radiological diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasonic therapy.
The new material can be used for high power applications like ultrasound welding, ultrasonic homogenization, sonochemistry as well as in high performance cleaning or ultrasonic therapy and in medical instruments including ultrasonic surgery devices," Ivana Steinfeldova ends.
In this study, total of 10 patients (20%) treated by ultrasonic therapy.
A physician diagnosed the condition as trochanteric tendinitis/bursitis, but despite a steroid injection in the region of the greater trochanter and ultrasonic therapy, I still have pain.
Ultherapy is a form of skin tightening that uses ultrasonic therapy for collagen renewal of the skin, reports(http://hauteliving.
Warmth of joint started declining from 3rd day onwards in both groups, however a significant decline was found in ultrasonic therapy than in magnetic therapy on 9th and 12th day ([x.
Other surgeries for obesity management include liposuction, gastric bypass (stomach stapling), laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, and ultrasonic therapy.
E Techniques, Paraffin wax Bath therapy, Short wave Diathermy, Soft Tissue Therapy and Ultrasonic Therapy.