adj in homeopathy, a characteristic of the highest dilution of remedies. Attenuated until no molecules of the original substance are present in the solution (to the 24th decimal or 12th centesimal). Also called
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He said that there were 2289 homeopathic studies involving animals, plants, human tissue, bacteria and viruses, and fungi in medical literature (as of August 2017), 55% of which involved ultramolecular dilutions.
Then, too, although it is true that naturopathy drew some of its mind-spirit thinking from the New Thought movement, this late nineteenth-century precursor to positive thinking and the prosperity gospel proved much more amenable to homeopathy, whose ultramolecular dilutions represented the spirit power of their medicines on the mind.
Use of ultramolecular potencies of allergen to treat asthmatic people allergic to house dust mite: double blind randomised controlled clinical trial.