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The cutting of ultrathin sections for electron microscopy by use of an ultramicrotome.
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Nanosectioning of PMMA by ultramicrotomy: (a) experimental setup and (b) schematic of the sectioning process.
Leica will manage the new business from its Ultramicrotomy facility in Vienna, Austria.
Although hard minerals can be successfully sectioned by ultramicrotomy using a diamond knife, damage to the knife can easily occur, making the technique costly.
Samples are prepared by ultramicrotomy, but require no labeling of the coating components.
The sample preparation was carried out using an ultramicrotomy with a Leica Ultracut UCT (Leica Microsystems GmbH, Vienna, Austria).
The specimen for TEM imaging was prepared by ultramicrotomy in order to obtain a thin section of about 60 nm.
Tenders are invited for Supply of diamond knife edge length 2.0 mm for ultramicrotomy with attached boad
The block faces of specimens after cryo ultramicrotomy were investigated at ambient conditions using ZEISS Axioplan light microscope (ZEISS, Germany) equipped with ZEISS Axio Cam ICc I CCD camera in reflected polarized light, and by Dimension 3100 AFM/SPM (Veeco, USA) atomic force microscope.
The ultramicrotomy is performed in a Leica EM UC7FC7 microtome at the temperature of -80[degrees]C, first with a Diatome cryotrim in order to withdraw several tens of micrometers that could be damaged by the blade and then the ultrathin sections of about 60-80 nm in thickness are cut using a Diatome diamond knife of 35[degrees] with a cutting speed in the range 0.1-0.2 mm [s.sup.-1].