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12,13) Ultrafast CT and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can provide good images of the pathological findings.
Friedman said ultrafast CT scanning produces very-high-resolution images that can provide excellent information on blood flow and cardiac function.
If you have an elevated risk score along with a close relative who had a heart attack, especially at a younger age, consider yourself at higher risk and talk to your doctor about special screening tests, such as an ultrafast CT calcium scan.
The new ultrafast CT scanning technology at Baylor Hamilton has the potential to change the way heart disease is diagnosed.
75 million Ultrafast CT scanner, a high-end version of the X-ray, computer controlled scanners used to provide cross-sectional views of the bodies internal organs.
Five years later, they reassessed hostility levels and measured calcification from the root of the aorta to the apex of the heart using ultrafast CT scanning (JAMA 283[19]:2546-51, 2000).
Robert Detrano of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center said that the roughly 50 American centers that have ultrafast CT are pushing calcium scanning to pay for the machines that can't do much else.
Coronary artery calcification detected with ultrafast CT as an indication of coronary artery disease.
Today, the same principle of rapid exposures drives a $2 million device known as an ultrafast CT scanner.
If ultrafast CT scanning turns out to be a predictor of heart attacks, the technique, in conjunction with known risk factors, could provide a sensitive, noninvasive method of testing patients.