ultimate strength

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ul·ti·mate strength

the maximum stress achieved before failure of a component on a single application of the load.
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Regression Equations Parameters other than Ultimate Strength
As far as ultimate strength is concerned, here enters into competition structure of grain boundaries of the metal being brazed and morphology of the phases being precipitated in the thermal diffusion interaction (chemical erosion) zone.
The ultimate strength of undamaged members, joints, and piles can be established using the formulas of Sections cylindrical member design, connections, foundation design, and structural components and system with all resistance factors set to 1.0.
Compared with Figure 15(a), the slope and ultimate strength of CBJ4 were larger than those of SBJ1, with increases in the ultimate strength of 56% and 17% in the positive and negative directions, respectively.
For the compressed fiber at 90[degrees], the ultimate strength (Su) tDc can be obtained as:
As seen, the effects of the steel plate for the ultimate strength and the energy absorption of the entire system are larger than those of the surrounding frame in SSSW for 20% opening ratio.
The ultimate strength exceeded 2000 MPa and the elongation level was 10%.
After the noncomposite behavior, the UHPC slab and the stud developed higher ultimate strength than the expected resistance.
This section aimed at the flexural progress of the stone slab with NSM screw-thread steels and FRP and established the mechanical model and then calculating the flexural strength, cracking and ultimate strength. Meanwhile, this can be used as a guideline for future engineering application.
The mechanical performance characteristics (yield strength, ultimate strength and ultimate strain, etc.) were examined.