ulex europaeus

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u·lex eu·ro·pae·us

(yū'leks yū-rō-pē'ŭs),
A lectin that reacts specifically with α-l-fucose, used as a marker for endothelial cells in paraffin sections.
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BerEP4 positivity is present invariably at least in 50% of BCC tumoral cells, whereas EMA or Ulex europaeus are negative.
Weaker binding was observed for Pisum sativum agglutinin (PEA) and/or peanut agglutinin (PNA), while no significant binding was detected for either soy bean agglutinin (SBA), Ulex europaeus agglutinin (UEA I), or wheat germ agglutinin (WGA).
This differentiation is generally detected by seed extracts of Ulex europaeus. The titre of such an extract is usually low and is subjected to batch variation.
The lectin sequences from Maackia amurensis (NCBI Entry AAB39934), Ulex europaeus (NCBI Entry AF190633), Lens culinaris (NCBI Entry AAY21161), Vicia faba (NCBI Entry CAD27436), Arachis hypogaea (NCBI Entry AY431029) and Canavalia ensiformis (NCBI Entry AF308777) were acquired from the GenBank database.
Coronal pulps were removed and processed for indirect immunofluorescence using antibodies raised against TRPV1 and either the general neuronal marker, protein gene-product 9.5 or alpha smooth muscle actin in conjunction with Ulex europaeus agglutinin 1 lectin to fully label the pulp vasculature.
(10) Although no immunohistochemical stain is pathognomonic, the diagnosis may be aided by a finding of positivity for factor-VIII-related antigen, Ulex europaeus, laminin, CD31, and CD34, (3,10,11) although a finding of factor-VIII-related antigen positivity may not be reliable.
Three biotinylated lectins, derived from Helix pomatia (HPA), Dolichos biflorus (DBA), and Ulex europaeus (UEA-1) (Biovalley SA, Marne la Vallee, France), were used for analysis of binding to tissues and inhibition of VLP binding.
Suraif Blackthorn Wild Plum Prunus spinosa Prunus nigra Ruis Elder Persimmon Sambucus nigra Petalostemum candid um Ailm Silver Fir Locust Abies alba Gleditsia triacanthos Onn Furze (Gorse) Sweetgum Ulex europaeus Liguidambarstyraciflua Ura Heather Blackberry Calluna vulgaris Vaccinium spp.
Type material.--Holotype female, The Queen's Domain, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 42[degrees]52'S, 147[degrees]19'E, 13 April 1968, shaking gorse (Ulex europaeus), V.V.
Eradication of invasive weeds such as gorse (Ulex europaeus), banana poka (Passiflora mollissima), and Florida blackberry (Rubus argutus) is another challenge faced by staff, contractors, and volunteers.