ujjayi (ōōj·jäˑ·yē),

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The classes consisted of yoga postures (60 minutes), deep relaxation in the savasana/corpse pose with ujjayi breathing (10 minutes), and coherent breathing (five breaths/minute with equal inhalations and exhalations) for the remaining 20 minutes.
40 min session of SKY includes Ujjayi breathing, Bhastrika pranayam, Om chanting, and Sudarshan Kriya followed by 10 min mediation.
This is called ujjayi breathing and can help you flow through your downward dog more effectively.
Control of breath refers not only to command over the speed and duration of breath but also specific techniques such as Ujjayi, the breath one would use to fog a mirror.
Ujjayi means victorious breath; it's also referred to as ocean breath due to the sound it creates.
Ujjayi Pranayam Minimum 3 times and maximum 10 to 20 times
Godzilla juice, roasted kabocha soup and Ujjayi breathing are all poor Martin had for dinner for 12 years.
Mastering yoga breathing basics, abdominal breathing, Ujjayi breathing ("powerful breath"), and exercises all promote a focus on proper alignment and a balanced blend of stretching and strengthening.
El ujjayi, parte de la practica del pranayama, es caracterizada por el sonido que produce el aliento al pasar por la glotis y las vibraciones que reverberan por todo el cuerpo.
Ujjayi is a technique which should calm the mind and balance the body, and is achieved by narrowing the throat passage and lengthening the breath.
A children's yoga teacher, Power uses simple language to explain the intricate art form to youngsters; there are no mentions of chakras or Ujjayi breathing here, just plain instructions on how to relax and breathe deeply and have fun in a pose.