u·bi·qui·none-10 (-Q10),

Ubiquinone-50; coenzyme Q10; 2,3-dimethoxy-5-methyl-6-decaprenyl-1,4-benzoquinone.
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sphaeroides), in particular, produces a higher level of ubiquinone-10 than Agrobacterium tumefaciens and Paracoccus denitrificans [9].
Kawashiri et al., "Reduction of serum ubiquinol-10 and ubiquinone-10 levels by atorvastatin in hypercholesterolemic patients," Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis, vol.
CoQ10 (Ubiquinone-10) is a compound which serves as coenzyme in key enzymatic reactions during the energy production in the cell, may be found in each cell in different amounts, has the lipid structure and is similar to vitamin.
Ubiquinone-10 production using Agrobacterium tumefaciens dps gene in Escherichia coli by coexpression system.
CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone-10 or ubiquinol-10, is well understood as an important component in the oxdative phosphorylation of mitochondria and the production of adenosine triphosphate [24].
[beta]-Carotene, linoleic acid (>99%), catechin mixture, isoflavone mixture, coenzyme Q10 (as ubiquinone-10), curcumin, and [alpha]-lipoic acid were purchased from Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.
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Analytical method for ubiquinone-9 and ubiquinone-10 in rat tissues by liquid chromatography/turbo ion spray tandem mass spectrometry with 1-alkylamine as an additive to the mobile phase.
For example, ginsenoside from Panax gingseng, rosmarinic acid from Coleus blumei, shikonin from Lithospermum erythrohizon, diosgenin from Dioscorea, ubiquinone-10 from Nicotiana tabacum, berberin from Coptis japonica, and podophyllotoxin from Juniperus chinensis all accumulated at much higher levels in cultured cells than in intact plants (Misawa et al., 1985; Smith, 2002; Premjet et al., 2002).
We studied the reductions of serum ubiquinol-10 and ubiquinone-10 levels in hypercholesterolemic patients treated with atorvastatin.
Coenzyme Q10, commonly known as ubiquinone-10, is present in blood and all body tissues in both reduced and oxidized forms.