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the reduced form of ubiquinone.
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u·bi·qui·nol (QH2, H2Q),

(ū'bi-kwī'nol, ū-bik'wi-nol),
The reduction product of a ubiquinone.
Synonym(s): ubihydroquinone
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(QH2, H2Q) (yū'bi-kwi'nol)
The reduction product of a ubiquinone.
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Renal preservation effect of ubiquinol, the reduced form of coenzyme Q10.
If people choose the more readily absorbable ubiquinol form of CoQ10, they can probably reduce this daily dose by half, especially if they take it with a meal that contains some fat.
In order to investigate the effect of CoQ10 on the mitochondrial respiration parameters in epidermis, we applied an ubiquinol formulation (QuinoMit Q10 fluid; MSE Pharmazeutika GmbH, Bad Homburg, Germany).
Coenzyme Q10 deficiency, particularly ubiquinol (the reduced form of coenzyme Q10) deficiency, is often observed among patients with T2DM.
It is an important component of the mitochondrial electron transport system and its reduced form (ubiquinol) works as an antioxidant [1].
[sup][21] demonstrated that the ketogenic diet and Deanna Protocol (a diet consisting of 10% arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, 1.0% gamma aminobutyric acid, 0.1% ubiquinol, 10% medium-chain triglyceride)-fed mice had a significantly longer survival time than the standard diet-fed mice.
Ubiquinol decreases hemorrhagic shock/resuscitation-induced microvascular inflammation in rat mesenteric microcirculation.
In the Q-cycle it is present in three redox states: ubiquinone (Co[Q.sub.10]-oxidized), ubiquinol (Co[Q.sub.10][H.sub.2]-reduced), and semiquinone (partially reduced, as radical).
Stigmatellin is one of the most potent inhibitors of the ubiquinol oxidation site (Qo site) of complex-III [20], although some chromones have also shown interesting activities on NADH: ubiquinone reductase (complex I) [21, 22].
Hardcore competitors will continue to embrace ingredients such as L-carnitine, ubiquinol, L-arginine, amino acids and creatine to support their performance and recovery.
Other new items from Mason Vitamins include B Complex with Electrolytes to support energy metabolism and hydration when taken with plenty of liquid, Ubiquinol for a healthy heart and Tart Cherry Extract with Standardized Turmeric to support healthy levels of uric acid and help with joint mobility.