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tyrosine, tyrosin

Tyr; a naturally occurring amino acid present in most proteins; it is a product of phenylalanine metabolism and a precursor of melanin, catecholamines and thyroid hormones.

tyrosine hydroxylase
an oxidase which converts tyrosine to dopa.
tyrosine tolerance test
used as a test of liver function but about 85% of liver parenchyma must be lost before the test gives a positive reaction.
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Upon the results, the obvious whitening effect of salidroside in vivo was observed which reminded that the proposed mechanism of action might be associated with the inhibition of oxidation of tyrosin and L-DOPA followed by synthesis of melanin and skin tanning (Olivares and Solano 2009).
1938, "The estimation of papain, tyrosin, papain and cathepsin with haemoglobin," J.
15) XLA is an agammaglobulinemia disease in male patients with reduced number of B cells (< 1%), which is caused by mutations in bruton tyrosin kinase (BTK) gene.
1998) The first of two extracellular loops formed by occludin contain an unusually high content of tyrosin and glysine residues (60%) (Tsukite and Furuse 1999).