typical gait

typical gait,

n the gait that characterizes psoas syndrome; the upper body totters toward the side affected by the hypertonic psoas, thus producing a swaying, waddling gait. Also called
Trendelenburg gait. See also syndrome, psoas.
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Such measures do not reveal which elements of the typical gait stabilization strategy have been disrupted and do not necessarily provide clinicians with information that would allow them to select the most effective focus for intervention.
An alternative approach is to determine whether the typical gait stabilization strategies are disrupted following a stroke.
Contract awarded for The digitization of full body passive markers in 3D locations with synchronized analogue inputs, in C3D format, using a typical gait analysis motion capture system setup, for up to 70 study subjects, all male.
These forces were selected because a typical gait cycle generates forces up to 2.
The activity was modified to include the use of bilateral straight canes to mimic the subject's typical gait pattern.
A brace that allows some movement while serving as a "training aid" towards typical gait is the clear path to eventually diminishing orthotic support.
Typical Gaits Planning and Transition of Quadruped Robot