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A large-scale closed circulation atmospheric system that develops above the western Pacific Ocean with low barometric pressure and strong winds—64+ knots/hour—that rotate clockwise in the southern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere
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Lucius' very descent into his lower, Typhonic form results from a failed attempt to become literally winged.
37) Some have viewed the title Asinus Aureus as an allusion to the Seth animal, with "golden" referring to the 'ruddy', 'tawny', or 'flame-red' color ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) of Plutarch's Typhonic ass.
Rowe (1986, 140) also notes that the Typhonic musings look forward to the later chariot/horse allegory pointing out that the Typhonic image is a "development of one found in the Republic (588bff), where the three 'parts' of the soul are represented respectively by a man, a lion, and a many-headed beast--hence, probably, the reference in the present passage to Typhon: Typhon (or Typhoeus) was a hundred-headed dragon, with arms and legs to match, who was the last obstacle between Zeus and the kingship of the gods (Hesiod, Theogony 820ff.