typhoid carrier

ty·phoid car·ri·er

(tīfoyd karē-ĕr)
One who can transmit typhoid fever virus to others without being clinically ill.
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typhoid carrier

A person who has recovered from TYPHOID FEVER but who continues to culture Salmonella typhi organisms in the gall bladder and to excrete them in the stools. If such a person handles food, the disease is liable to be transmitted to others. Typhoid carriers can be rendered innocuous by having the gall bladder removed.
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ty·phoid car·rier

(tīfoyd karē-ĕr)
A person carrying the pathogen for typhoid fever but not displaying any signs or symptoms; someone having the potential to spread the disease via bodily excretions.
See also: carrier
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104 YEARS AGO (1915) Mary Mallon, a New York cook, was quarantined for life after she was found to be a typhoid carrier who infected 50 people.
As the first reported North American "healthy" typhoid carrier, Mallon threatened distinctions between sick and healthy bodies and acted as a transitional object for negotiating the theories of germs and miasmas (Leavitt, 1996, p.
For treatment of typhoid carrier, 32% GP's were of opinion that there was no treatment of carrier, 23% GP's prescribed cephalosporin, 22% advised cholecystectomy 16% prescribe ampicillin while 2% GP's didnot know about treatment of carrier (figure).
It's hard to find any 400-page book without a few minor errors, and score-settling is to be expected given that Abramson was driven out of the Times like a typhoid carrier. But it's a solid work, and she in fact has high praise for the Times' coverage of the president.
During high-endemic period of typhoid fever in Santiago, Chile, the sewage contamination of food chain was demonstrated as the most important factor contributing to typhoid fever transmission, more than the typhoid carrier state in the family members [2].
Typhoid carrier state was found to be one of the important risk factors for the development of GB cancer in the current study.
Regarding personal health, do not handle food while having gastroenteritis78 (78%), cover hand lesions with bandage 90 (90%),no one 0(0%) wears mask routinely but 78(78%) cover face while coughing/ sneezing, while 32(32%) gave history of typhoid fever or worm infestation, no one 0(0%) got oneself checked for typhoid carrier state or intestinal worm infestation.
The man who owned the cart was a typhoid carrier and his urine was shown to contain large numbers of typhoid bacteria.
Had the notorious 'Typhoid Mary' been honest with her employers and clean in her personal habits, the fact that she was a typhoid carrier would not have caused the mayhem which it did--though she certainly should never have been working with food in any capacity, the risks were too great.
In his new book, "Typhoid Mary: An Urban Historical" (New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2001), Anthony Bourdain explains that Mary was a typical chronic typhoid carrier, infected in middle age and having only mild symptoms or none at all.
* In August 1986, typhoid fever made nine peopledesperately ill after they'd eaten shrimp salad prepared by a typhoid carrier at a Maryland restaurant.
An association between typhoid carrier state and hepatobiliary cancer particularly that of carcinoma of the gallbladder has been noted8.