type species

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a taxonomic category subordinate to a genus (or subgenus) and superior to a subspecies or variety; composed of individuals similar in certain morphologic and physiologic characteristics.
type species the original species from which the description of the genus is formulated.
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type spe·cies

the name of the single species or of one of the species of a genus or subgenus when the name of the genus or subgenus was originally validly published.
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type species

The species that is designated as representative of the genus to which it belongs.
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type species

the species from which the name of the genus is derived.
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Type species: Protodarcia bicolo-rella Forbes, 1931.
Microbrachius kedoae compares well with the type species Microbrachius dicki which was described in detail by Hemmings (1978).
[16] indicated that Ansorge [12] redefined Necrotaulius to only include the type species N.
They approved the request for the change in the nomenclature system for Salmonella and from January 2005, "Salmonella choleraesuis" would change to "Salmonella enterica" with "Salmonella enterica" becoming the type species of the genus Salmonella.
Type species: Onykia (Onykia) robsoni (Adam, 1962) Material examined: "Moroteuthis" robsoni 380 mm ML (off Los Vilos, central Chile, 32[degrees]S, 450 m depth) MNHNCL 1950.
Genus LATOSPORITES Potonie and Kremp, 1954[16] Type species: Latosporites latus (Kosanke) Potonie and Kremp, 1954[16]
Type species: Chiton limaciformis Sowerby, 1832, by original designation.
Explaining the name, he said: "The 'Lenin' part indicates the genus, and the 'stellans' (meaning starry or brilliant) indicates the type species. If we find another ichthyosaur from this genus, then it will be given a different name.
rubra (see below) as the type species. The presence of a nuchal papilla was rejected as a generic, diagnostic feature, and the genus was considered a junior synonym of Dorvillea by Jumars (1974:114).