great alveolar cells

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great al·ve·o·lar cells

cuboidal cells connected with the squamous pulmonary alveolar cells and having in their cytoplasm lamellated bodies (cytosomes) that represent the source of the surfactant that coats the alveoli.
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Human alveolar type ii cells secrete and absorb liquid in response to local nucleotide signaling.
2) Lung cholesterol is regulated by LDL, HDL, which stimulates alveolar type II cells to secrete surfactant.
Furthermore, the role of autophagy in antigen presentation after Influenza A infection will be addressed applying an inducible mouse model of autophagy deficiency in alveolar type II cells, the main target of Influenza A infection in mice.
Macrophages (Mph), alveolar type I (AT1) and alveolar type II cells (AT2), and inflammatory cells (Imm) are key components of the inflammatory response systeminthe alveolar regionof the lung.
Consistent with the known function of this promoter, these mice showed expression of IL-13 along the airways and in type II cells, as shown by mRNA in situ hybridization.
alpha]-Hederin pre-treated alveolar type II cells (A549) showed an increased [[beta].
Differentiation of MSCs into epithelial type II cells may partially restore the stem cell pool, leading to increased genesis of alveolar cells for the resolution of disrupted alveolar surfaces, thereby augmenting the repair process.
Endogenous surfactant is normally secreted by alveolar type II cells, which leaves the alveolar space and reenters the type II cells in the form of small vesicles.
Consistent with the known effects of alcohol on liver glutathione levels, the researchers first determined that chronic alcohol ingestion in rats dramatically decreases glutathione levels in the alveolar epithelial lining fluid and in the alveolar epithelial type II cells.
Triple-label immunofluorescence for Bax, CYP1A1, and cytokeratin 8/18 localizes the expression of Bax and CYP1A1 in alveolar type II cells (alveolar type II cells contain abundant cytokeratin 8 and cytokeratin 18).
Type II pneumocytes are surfactant-producing, alveolar epithelial cells and progenitor cells of both type I and type II cells.