type B personality

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type A be·hav·ior

a behavior pattern characterized by aggressiveness, ambitiousness, restlessness, and a strong sense of time urgency. New research has revealed that it is hostile behavior, which can be commingled with other type A traits, which is associated with increased risk for coronary heart disease. See: hostile behavior.
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A personality typical of people who tend to be relaxed, easy-going, and less time-bound or competitive than a type A personality
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type B personality

Psychology A personality typical of those persons who tend to be relaxed and inclined to do things 'mañana'; a temperament characterized by an easy-going demeanor; less time-bound and competitive than the type A personality. Cf Type A personality.
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type B be·ha·vior

, type B personality (tīp bē-hāv'yŏr, pĕr-sŏn-al'i-tē)
Pattern of action characterized by absence or obverse of type A behavior characteristics.
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For jobs where originality, thought, and care are important, the Type B personality should be more successful.