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2. surgical opening of the middle ear.
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Incision of the tympanic membrane.
Synonym(s): tympanotomy
[myringo- + G. tomē, excision]
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Paracentesis of the tympanic membrane.
Synonym(s): tympanostomy, tympanotomy.
[myringo- + G. tomē, excision]
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Tympanic membranes are visualized; tympanotomy tubes in place bilaterally.
Most of my case are operated through postaural route with posterior tympanotomy approach.
Surgery was started following the standard CI procedures through posterior tympanotomy; however, due to bulging of the sigmoid sinus and a prolapsed tegmen, a canal wall-down mastoidectomy with an external auditory canal closure was performed.
Byway of a posterior tympanotomy, a cochleostomy in the scala tympani was performed with a diamond bur at low speed inferior and slightly anterior to the round window.
A suction-irrigation system was used; similar to the system used in humans, 4) posterior tympanotomy to obtain visual control of the round window niche and the promontory, 5) the round window membrane was opened with the beveled edge of a hypodermic needle, 6) insertion of the electrode array was made slowly through the round window.
However, an exploratory tympanotomy in the left ear detected turbid fluid in the oval window, which supported our initial impression of barotrauma with a perilymph fistula.
Posterior tympanotomy is the primary surgical approach used in cochlear implantation for accessing the middle ear and exposing the round window niche (RWN) [1, 2].
An anterior tympanotomy was performed, and upon elevation of the tympanomeatal flap, it was observed that the soft tissue placed to seal the cochleostomy had failed.
Next, we performed posterior tympanotomy and decompressed the facial nerve canal up to the horizontal portion of the facial nerve, as near as possible to the geniculum ganglion, without removing or disturbing the incus.
The patient was successfully treated with exploratory tympanotomy and ossiculoplasty.
A fistula test with pressure on the left ear canal increased the intensity of the nystagmus, so an explorative tympanotomy (ET) was performed a day later under general anesthesia due to a suspected PLF.
When a brownish mass was found around the ossicles, a mastoidectomy with posterior tympanotomy was carried out.