Relating to the tympanic cavity and the mastoid process.
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1-5) In our case, we removed the ear mold impression material from a known tympanomastoid defect utilizing an endoscopic system for better visualization in conjunction with synchronous monitoring of the patient's sensorimotor function to ensure a safe surgical removal.
They usually present as a solitary lesion arising from the tympanomastoid or tympanosquamous suture lines adjacent to the bone-cartilage junction.
Computed tomography confirmed that it arose from the tympanomastoid suture line.
We recommend the use of a facial nerve monitor, particularly in cases arising from the tympanomastoid suture line, to avoid accidental trauma to the facial nerve.
In the early part of the 18th century, Jean Louis Petit was the first to recommend boring a hole in the mastoid bone as a treatment for tympanomastoid space disease, a procedure that he described in his posthumously published book.
Tympanomastoid surgery for chronic otitis media is, in effect, an aggressive form of debridement, and it is quite effective.
We conducted a retrospective study of 50 ears in 48 patients in whom we performed revision tympanomastoid surgery for chronic otitis media.
Intracranial extension is a recognized complication of tympanomastoid cholesteatoma.
The importance of skin lying superiorly between the tympanosquamous suture in the front and the tympanomastoid suture behind has been well described.
4] Because their mastoid is not fully developed, purulent discharge in the cavity can drain through the tympanomastoid fissure.
Therefore, time management should be emphasized, especially for tympanomastoid surgery, to reduce unnecessary admissions and costs.